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Have you got something you want us to share? Or are you a writer/blogger who wants your work to be featured on our Blog? Are You also an author who wants to publish his Works or contribute and let their voices be heard, Ebirahome.com is here for you to assist. Articles can range from social issues, History(Ebira), Cultures, relationships, comedy, fashion, African culture, inspiring topics, etc.

You Must Strictly Adhere to the following guidelines To make it up to work with Us:

1. The articles ought to be original, i.e. Not copied from another source that isn't yours originally. Please state the source in the article if certain information is derived from other sources.

2. Articles where dates, events, and places are mentioned should be fairly accurate.

3. Articles should be grammatically correct and void of glaring grammatical errors, to the extent possible. This does not imply that vernacular can not be used. If you write in English, then do so by all means. To that, we are not opposed.

4. Articles should refrain from insults directed at a specific gender, ethnic group, race, or religious group as much as possible. Prior to publishing, each article will be reviewed.

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