CalabashLadies Empire was presented an award of excellence

CalabashLadies Empire was presented an award of excellence

The Great CalabashLadies Empire of Excellence Award given to us by  LGEA Demonstration Standard Nursery/Primary School Onyukoko.. We appreciate the School efforts.  Thanks so much for Believing in us. We will definitely continue to put up our best in Entertainment Industry InShaAllahu.

There is only one person behind our Success in Entertainment, without this Person in Particular there is us, the man who put all his Effort, Strength, Talent, Knowledge, And Swellet to take us to next Level, Noon other than Our Boss of the Bosses.

Hon Muhammed AbdulRahaman Ismaila Obansa, A.K.A Hon Mario Mr Calabash OziAkukutaku1️⃣ Of Ebira land. 

We dedicate this Excellence Award to you Sir, you deserve something more. thanks so much for always been there for us when we needed you most, thanks so much for the fatherly role you're playing to each and everyone of us.. May Allah continue to bless you, Protect,  and sore higher beyond your expectations InShaAllahu

We also thanks the head of the school Hon AbdulMalik for the love we Appreciate Sir.


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