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I hereby congratulate the chairmen-elects and the councilor-elects in Kogi State for their illustrious victory at the just concluded local government polls. I also congratulate our great party, APC for the landslide victory in every local government and ward.

The victory of our party, APC and chairmen-elects and councilor-elects did not come as a surprise considering their praiseworthy track records of good leadership and achievements while in office as sole administrators and SSAs to the governor.

The enormous votes given to APC at the just concluded poll is also a testament to the taintless records of excellent governance exhibited by all APC elected officials at all levels in Kogi State.

I also want to seize this opportunity to specially congratulate Hon. Abdulraheem Ozovehe Ohiare, the chairman-elect of the Okehi local government. You have been a trusted leader and your antecedence and reputation is testament to your competence and great leadership capabilities. Hence, the reason why the people voted you to represent them.

I also want to appreciate the Kogi State Independent Electoral Commission (KOSIEC) for their organized efficiency in conducting a peaceful and fair election and ensuring a credible voting system.

The Chairmen-elects and the councilor-elects, this mandate was given to you by the people is a great opportunity to serve and to write your name in the historical book of remembrance for good. It is also a great opportunity for you to fulfill your campaign promises and to justify the confidence the people have in you as a leader.

APC Stalwart
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