1. Aba Aba: Full formation i.e. of a moon in its full-blown

2. Abedo  -  A vabe do:      Let us agree to accept.

3. Abonyi -  Aa bonyi bonyi:  Soundness.

4. Achimugu -  Aa chị mi, mị gu:   if cracked and thrown to me I can catch.

5. Achonyi - A chonyi chonyi:  Brand new.

6. Achuchu - A chụ chu chụ: Clustered growth (one from large family)

7. Adaaja - A da aaja:  Let's cut the pride.

8. Adaava - Ada a va vę:  Father is back.

9. Adabenege - Ada ana ba ne ge ne gę:  Slim and flexible father

10. Adagu - Adagu (ana ji aarę) o si o huuna: Lake or pond of water, meaning victory.

11. Adavenje - Ada ve nje:  Slim child.

12. Adanga Ada ana nyi uga: the father that has praise (great man).

13. Adangara - Ada ana nyi uga yaraaa: father of praise is alive.

14. Adano - adano: Father is beautiful.

15. Adasu - Ada o su, ada ya raa: the male child that comes after the father's death, (father dies, father          lives)

16. Adeneji - Ada ene ji: Father that gives solution or that settles quarrel.

17. Adavi -  Ada o vi ni: its a Father.

18. Adavidu - Ada vi idu: Father is lion.

19. Adavudi - Ada vi udi: Father is place of rest.

20. Adavuruku - Ada vi uruku: Father is water tank that can succor or father is thick forest that protects.

A History of the Ebira in Ago-Panu (Owo) 1943-1960 

 21. Adeyika - Ada Eyika: Born during Eyika festival

22. Adive - Ada onivenu, ada oni ivehu: Father the witness or father of the spirit.

23. Adiyaya - Adiyaya: Father of the fastest

24. Adogu - Ada o'gü: Father protects.

25. Adokiti - Ada okitipo: The father of heavy weight.

26. Adozi - Ada ozi:  One that begets or engenders children.

27. Aduku- Aduku: Warrior (one that dares tough situation).

28. Adonuja- Ada onuja: Master of a two-edged sword (sharp in both ways)

29. Agada - Ono agada: The group with sword (the warriors).

30. Agidi - Agidi: Ozi agidima: Troublesome

31. Ageitu - (f)  A ve vi ya ge yi tuwa. A geyi tu : Let's put heads together to confront them.

32. Ahuraka - Aa hwo ira ka: Fast to deliver message.

33. Ahutu - Aa hụ tu: Matured to produce

34. Ahwovį - A hwo vi kikiri: It is a praise name for God meaning able to do (ability to do or perform).       Thorough researcher.

35. Ajako - Aję ako: the egg of kidnappers, similar to a kidnapper.

36. Ajana - Aja navo: Aja (deceitful bird) stop deceiving me

37. Ajoge - Aji ogere yoor : Let's circle this one, to protect.

38. Akarogu:

39. Ake - A kenyi: Small in nature and strong

40. Akiri - Akiri vachauru: Strong, constant of proportionality (forceful)

41. Akuvada - a kwo, vę va daa: To bring out for people to see.

42. Amo - Amoo: one that measures.

43. Amoto  - Ohomorihi o me oto yį mi: God makes me proud.

44. Amakozi -  (Makozi) - A ma kozi: Adding to the children.

45. Amechaka - Ame echaka: a me chaka: One that oppresses

46. Amewuru - Ame ewuru - a ma ve tu ewuru: Born during problematic period

47. Amoka - A mo okaręyi: The chief judge

48. Anaje - Ana je yi, engu ani: Elijah - Self-existence.

49. Anako - Aa na ko: Kidnapper going Swiftly without hindrance (of death).

50. Ananyi - Ana nyi: The chosen one

51. Anasę - Oni iręyi aani sę: The one whose words come to pass.

52. Ananyuwa - Ana nyi uwa: Their master (the one that owns themn).

53. Anakobe - Oza ana ko obę: The person that commands great followership in farming

54. Anawuna - Ana wu naa: One that is heard and known far and wide in a far place.

55. Anda - anda oza e si o kwete ni: It is one's relation or people that support him

56. Anikajogu - Aani ika a Ji ogu ni: Bearing children is wealth.

57. Aniko - Ani - Eyikoku: Someone from Eyikoku in Okengwe, the first place of settlement in Ebira land.

58. Aniku - Ani iriku: Someone from the wilderness or born in the forest.

59. Ariwo - Ari wo nyi: Conquering powerfully

60. Apondi - Apondi: Durable and new.

61. Aponyi - A ponyi: New and genuine

62. Araga - Aa ragada raga ada: Very very massive

63. Areyi - Areyi: Smoke.

64. Ariba - Aa ri ba: He is always a winner.

65. Arikochunu - Aa ri izo koo: Conquering the place mercilessly.

66. Arimo - Aa rį mo: Conquered to remember.

67. Aroke - A ve vi ye ro ka, eyi divi: Let's think about it, it is not bad.

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