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 Education by HON. Saratu Abdullahi, Education Secretary, Okene Local Government Area.

Education, to my mind, is the age-old responsibility of all good parents and the guardians to train their children towards a rewardship and virtuous life, so that their communities may find them useful and acceptable. It is the training of the child so that he or she acquires valuable and acceptable modes of behaviours as well as useful and apropriate skills that will serve both his or owner needs and those of his community.

Ebiraland has in the distant past, its glorious days and tremendous achievements in education. These were the time when education was hazardous to acquire. Those who wanted to become teachers went as far as to Katsina and beyond in search of their mission some others interested in other fields went to Bauch and the moor plantation in Ibandan. There was only one University in the country at that time. As small as our community was then, we were still effectively represented in all these institutions of learning. 

In the professions we did not lag behind, we had our own fair share of the doctors, lawyers and administrators. At the end of the first republic when the Military created twelve (12) new states, our small community produced the first secretary tot he state Military Government and Head of Service and also a Secretary to the Federal Government and head of Service all at the same time.

These achievement were possible when the opportunities were few and almost outside of reach. In any dual position as a parent and as father of all, I am very much worried and concerned that this tendency in our youth to pursue negative and destructive ends has continued unabated regardless if the hard lessons of our present national economic depression. Our poor economic situation today makes education at any level almost inaccessible to our youths. It is therefore every disturbing that our youths whose toiling parents and guardians are making great sacrifices to keep their children at school, can afford to neglect this golden opportunity. Let us pray that these erring students will listen and change for the better.

Education, mindful of the fact that he would not be governor today but for education, Governor Yahaya Bello, has radically prioritized education and shored up the standard education in Kogi State through provision of sundry educational infrastructures. Already the governor had flagged off the construction of 240 blocks of classrooms in 80 primary schools across 21 Local Government Areas of the state under the GTB Model Primary Schools programmes.

This critical intervention is to address the astonishing level of decay trailing the criminal neglect of basic education by previous administrations in the state. Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello had beaten his chest to build 38, familiar with the New Direction Agenda know that these ambitious proposals are not mere soap bubbles to fizzle out with the passage of time.

This critical intervention is to address the astonishing Your Excellency, Sir, as a divine blessing going

by the unprecedented development projects in "Rebuilding" the state. We pray to Allah to enrich you with good health and sound mind in your quest to take our great state to enviable level.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ejura Onoja donates N1m to cushion Jane's living condition

Ejura Onoja donates N1m to cushion Jane's living condition

Ejura Onoja, Wife of Kogi State Deputy Governor has released a lump-sum of one million (1,000,000) naira to cushion the living condition of the amputee young lady, miss Mary Jane Daniel saw hawking sachet water few days ago at a traffic in Lagos State.

The Wife of Kogi State Deputy Governor who described Jane as courageous and determined despites her challenge, said it was only humane to render such support to her kind.

According to her, the sum will go along way with other donations from well meaning Nigerians to enhance her living standard.

She expressed gratitude to Nigerians who formed support groups to promptly raise funds for Jane who is said to be from Egume in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State, where she also hails from, adding that the world would be a better place if the society sustain such tempo.

It would be recalled that the pathetic story of Jane broke out on the Internet few days ago when a photograph of her was seen hawking satchet water, also known as 'pure water' in a traffic jam in Lagos, that triggered emotions and prompted donations from across the board to encourage and establish her in business.

Mrs Onoja equally promised to support her in the area of education, like she has continued to assist many.

Halimat Isah,

Aide to Wife of the Deputy Governor.

Sunday, April 11, 2021



The Institute of Security and Strategic Studies Confers Fellowship On the Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency Yahaya Bello, FISS. 

The investiture which held at the Yar'Adua Centre on Sunday night was in recognition of the Governor's demonstrated commitment and use of innovative approaches to secure lives and properties in his state of Kogi. The institute noted the governor's outstanding efforts in creating, maintaining, extending and promoting the nation's most security state in Kogi. 

In addition to the fellowship, Governor Bello was also awarded the institute's first ever 'Security Personality Of The Year Award'. 
The Governor Who was represented by his deputy, Edward Onoja at the event which held at the Yar'Adua Centre in Abuja on Sunday evening said the honour was another push for him to do more in safeguarding the life and property of the people of Kogi State and other Nigerians living in or transiting through the state. 
For his outstanding performance in the area of security, Governor Bello has received award from different groups, organizations, Associations including the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies. 
Onogwu Muhammed
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor

Saturday, March 20, 2021




Monday, March 1, 2021

Music: Yunique Ozi Ori - Shai Hunani


Award winning and the most talented ebira music star 
Yunique Ozi ori bounce out with another highly anticipated single, which he titles Shai Huinan (FORGET)

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Hon. Abdulrazaq Receive Ward Heads, Community Leaders And Ehebe Women On Courtesy Visit
Hon. Abdulrazaq Receive Ward Heads, Community Leaders And Ehebe Women On Courtesy Visit
The Executive Chairman of Okene Local Government, Engr. Abdulrazaq Muhammad on Tuesday held a strategic meeting with all the ward heads and community leaders in Okene to properly synergise, strategise and collaborate with one another to sustain the peace in their various domain. 
The Chairman commended the community representatives on their selfless services render to their respective communities which he said contributed immensely to the peace and tranquility of the council. 

The Chairman emphatically made it clear that for smooth running of government, all activities in the wards should be coordinated and chaired by the government representatives in the wards which are the ward heads. All community meetings, activities and information conducted by community leaders should be reported to the ward heads. The Council boss however charge all ward heads to be alive to their responsibilities as efforts of community leaders are only complimentary. 

Similarly, the Executive Chairman also played host to Ehebe Women forum at the Council Secretariat in Okene. The women were in the office to officially congratulates Engr. Abdulrazaq Muhammad on his election and successful inauguration as the council chairman. They pledged their unflinching support to the local government administration. 
They described Hon. Abdulrazaq's administration as most peaceful and security conscious in the history of the council area. They thanked Gov. Bello for the choice of Abdulrazaq and prayed Allah to grant him more wisdom to pilot the affairs of the local government. 

Abdulmumin Abubakar 
Special Adviser to the Chairman
(Media & Publicity) 
23rd February, 2021

Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Here is another interesting piece of music from our own young, vibrant artist POSSY B with another latest hit track titled UYA ENYI means  WATER SCARCITY, This Particular Track is released by the Young Artist due to the Water Scarcity in Ebira Land Ever Since and Currently.
Download and Enjoy the track.




Yunique - Opoyi Poyi - Yunique Ozi Ori release I have promised so many people this song so I am putting it online now for everyone, Here is it for you all to Download and Enjoy the Hit Track you have Been Waiting For.


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Top 46 Arabic and Biblical Names In Ebira Language

    Several  Arabic and Biblical Names Are Been Pronounce Or Written In Ebira Differently, There Might Be Slight Or Huge Differences Either in the Spelling aspect or Pronunciation aspect, In this article, I will Highlight the Most Common and Top Names In Arabic and Biblical  With the Special and Pronouncing in Ebira Tribe.

ARABIC                                          NIGERIA (EBIRA)                                              BIBLICAL

1.    Adamu                                             Ademo/Adamu                                                   Adam

2.    Harun                                               Haruna, Aruna                                                    Aaron

3.    Ibrahim                                            Braimoh, Ibru                                                      Abraham

4.    Habila                                               Habila                                                                 Abel

5.     Amusa                                              Amusa                                                                Amos

6.     Kabiru                                              Kabiru                                                                Caleb

7.     Kayinu                                             Kayinu                                                                Cain

8.     Daud                                                 Dauda                                                                David

9.     Idris                                                  Dirisu,Idirisu                                                     Enock

10.   Ilyas                                                  Liasu                                                                  Elias

11.   Eliasu                                                Liasu                                                                  Elijah

12.   Zhul-kif                                            Sulukifi                                                               Ezikiel

13.   Nana-Hawaa                                     Hawa, Awawu                                                    Eve

14    Alisabatu                                          Alisabatuu                                                          Elizabeth 

15.   Alyesa                                               Alyasau, Yasau                                                   Elisha

16.   Uzayr                                                Uzeru                                                                  Ezra

17.    Jima                                                 Jumoh, ljumoh                                                    Friday

18.    Jibrailu                                            Jibrin, ljibiri                                                         Gabriel

19.    Heber                                              Hudu, Audu                                                         Hud

20.    Haggar                                            Hajara, Anjara                                                     Hajara

21.    Isaac                                                Saka, Isaka,                                                         Ishaq

22.    Ishmael                                           Sumaila                                                                Ismail

23.    Israel                                               Israila, Yakubu                                                    Yakubb

24    Issacha                                             Isisyaka                                                                Issachar

25.   Yakub                                              Yakubu                                                                 Jacob

26.   Yakub                                               Yakubu                                                                 James

27.   Ayuba                                                Ayuba                                                                   Job

28.   Yahaya                                              Yahaya, yaya                                                        John

29.  Yunus                                                 Yunusa, Inusa                                                      Jonah

30.  Yusuf                                                  Yesufu                                                                 Yesuf

31.   Shuayb                                              Saibu, Sheibu                                                       Jethro

32.  Yisah                                                  Isah, Yisa                                                             Jesus

33.  Yassa                                                 Yassah                                                                  Jesse

34.  Lut                                                Lukenman, Lut,llutu                                                 Lot

35.  Salih                                                   Salihu, Saliu                                                    Methuselah 

36.  Musa                                                  Imusa, Musa                                                     Moses

37. Mukaila                                                Mukaila                                                           Michael

37. Meriam                                                Meriam                                                            Mary

38.  Marriam                                            Meriamoh                                                          Meriam

39.  Nuhu                                                Inua, Nuhu                                                          Noah

40.  Nadab                                               Nadab                                                                 Nadab

41.  Naum                                                Naum, Inaomi                                                    Naomi

42.  Rahila                                               Rahila                                                                 Rachael

43.  Rifkat                                               Rikatu                                                                 Rebecca

44.  Ruth                                                 Irutu                                                                    Ruth

45.  Jeremiah                                          Irmiya                                                                 Irmiya

46.  Salmon                                            Salimonu                                                            Salmon

After Spending Enough Time Researching and Compiling the names And Meaning of Ebira names in Arabic, Bible and The Pronunciation in Ebira Tongue, If there Is An Error In the Above Articles Please Kindly Drop Your Comments In the Comment Section ...

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Hon. Joseph Omuya Salami Witness Governor Yahaya Bello's Revalidation Process; Describes The Exercise As A Step Towards Historical Change.
Hon. Joseph Omuya Salami Witness Governor Yahaya Bello's Revalidation Process; Describes The Exercise As A Step Towards Historical Change.

The Executive Chairman of Adavi LG who also doubles as the leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party in Adavi LG, Hon. Joseph Omuya Salami and his cabinet joined other APC faithful across Kogi State in Okene Local Government to welcome the Executive Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello and his beloved wife, Hajia Rashida Bello, as they came to revalidate and obtained the All Progressives Congress (APC) membership card in Agassa award, Okene LGA.

The Revalidation and Registration Exercise which is set to fully commence across Kogi State has been officially unveiled by the leader APC in Kogi State, his Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello in the presence of State and LG Appointees, and the Elected Political Office Holders from Federal to Local Government level. 

Speaking to the press shortly after Alh. Yahaya Bello's reregistration, Hon. Joseph Omuya described the process as the first step in making history in Nigeria. He made it understood that Governor Yahaya Bello's ambition is a divine one and whoever is with God, is a majority.

He further described his boss, Alh. Yahaya Bello as a leader who takes up challenges and crushes them. "Our leader doesn't believe there's anything impossible, so, he took a step in 2015 and made history as the youngest governor, God's willing, he will make the history of youngest elected president in Nigeria's history by 2023". Hon. Joseph Omuya expressed.

"Be rest assured that this process will be peaceful, in Kogi State, we are all progressives, even without security officials, Kogi State will be very peaceful throughout the process". Hon. Joseph concluded.

M. Jamiu Habeeb, SA Media& Publicity, Adavi LG.
9th February, 2021